Year: 2019

5 Things you Need to Know About Shipping Vehicles from Salvage Car Auctions


If you are considering buying a car from salvage car auctions, you might wonder how you will get it from the point of auction to the point of pickup and how much it will cost. There are several factors you need to consider. Many times the cost of shipping has a lot to do with the model and make of the car. Here are the things you need to know about shipping vehicles from salvage car auctions.

Methods of Transport

You can get the auction vehicle to anywhere in the US using a transport truck. And if you are transporting to another country, a transport truck can also help you get the vehicle to a shipping port. Many car transport companies offer this service and you can save a lot of money by using such a company rather than doing it yourself. If you would transport the car on your own, you will have to consider the cost of gas, hotel, and food costs, and the loss of pay while you are away from your job. You might want to write off your time but realistically it is still a cost.

The Distance

This is especially important if you would be shipping the car overseas. So it is important to buy the vehicles in areas close to the country of destination. You will have to pay for the cost of shipping from port to port, offloading and transporting inland when shipping overseas. You should also think about what could go wrong. This is because there could be large swells in the ocean which could result to the vehicle damage. So you will have to buy marine insurance which could increase the cost of shipping the car.

Title and Keys

As soon as your title is processed, it will be mailed to you. Typically, titles are processed in the order the vehicles were purchased. A notification is usually sent once the title is ready to be mailed to you. As for the keys, many insurance auctions rarely have the keys present. This is because salvage cars are non-drivable, so the auction personnel or the insurance storage facilities don’t keep track of the ignition keys. If the car arrives without the keys, you can call the appropriate dealership with the vehicle’s VIN number to have a customer set made. Alternatively, you can take the ignition assembly or the ignition code to a locksmith. You will be able to have the vehicle in your possession in a short time, thanks to the many convenient options available to transport the car. Once you have the vehicle fixed and with the right title and keys, you can take to the road in the bargain-priced vehicle and be envy of all your family and friends with expensive auto loan payments.

Picking Up

Picking up your vehicle is relatively simple. Once you receive the notification that the vehicle has arrived, you can go to the location where it has being stored. In order for the vehicle to be released, you need to have a zero balance and present any relevant paperwork. Remember that a vehicle with a salvage title can’t be driven legally on the road until you have rebuilt it. So you can either load it onto a truck or tow it home. know how:

Is It Safe to Buy Salvage Cars Online in Dealer Auctions?

Many people are considering buying salvage car auctions to purchase their vehicles in dealer auctions. However, is it really safe to purchase your car online in a dealer auction? You will not really be able to see the vehicle and to make sure that the vehicle is in great condition. With this information, you will know if this is safe to purchase your salvage car online in dealer auctions.

Knowing more about salvage cars

Before you can purchase a salvage car, it is important to know what a salvage car is. You can’t start bidding on a vehicle if you don’t know what type of vehicle you are bidding for.

A salvage car is a car that was in an accident. Now, you might think that the car is a write-off and really not worth buying. However, you need to know that some of the vehicles are still in a relatively good condition. It is repairable. You might never know what type of bargain you are going to get online with a salvage car auction.

Online dealer auctions

What is an online dealer auction, and is this something that you should consider doing? First of all, when it comes to salvaging car auctions with online dealer auctions, you need to know that you can see in what condition the vehicle is.

You know that the vehicle was in an accident and that you will need to repair it. With the online car auctions, you are able to bid against other people to purchase the vehicle. To make sure that you are going to get a great deal. If you have the highest bid, then you will be able to purchase the vehicle and repair it to its original condition. Check here.

It is safe to use online dealer auctions

This is something that people are afraid of. To purchase a vehicle at an online car auction. Not to know if the vehicle is really in the condition that you saw it. And, that you really are going to get the vehicle after you made the purchase.

In most cases, this is really safe to make use of online dealer auctions. However, you need to know that there are some of the online car auctions that are just scams. This is why you should make sure that you are going to do as much research as possible about the dealer auction before you start bidding. You don’t want to pay for something that you might not get.

This is a possibility to go online and purchase a salvage vehicle online. A vehicle that was in a car accident and that you can purchase and repair. This can be a great option if you are finding a great special that will mean that you will make a profit when you are selling the vehicle again. You will never know what type of vehicle you are going to get with online salvage car auctions if you don’t go online and see for yourself.…